Friday, June 15, 2012

Over the Great Firewall

From the 17th of June until the 30th of August, I will be on the other side of the Great Firewall of China for summer vacation and language studies. While Blogger is blocked in China, I will still be able to post with the help of email and a good friend in the United States. However, this process is not perfect; I will not be able to read many important blogs (Evan Soltas, David Beckworth), research will become substantially more difficult, and the formatting through the email system may not be perfect. I just wanted to make clear why my posts may start becoming more sparse.


  1. Yichuan --

    I have your email, you have mine. I'd be happy to relay a copy-paste digest of my posts and whoever else's. Just remind me every now and then. Hope China is interesting. Bring back some economics insights! (Seriously, whatever you can find out about the internal conversation China is having about economic reforms or macro growth would be super useful.)

  2. Dear Yichuan,

    For your future visits to China you can use a VPN (virtual proxy network) in order to post freely and follow-up on your blogs. There are plenty that are for free. If you need a reliable one with a minimum monthly subscription fee I can recommend: