I believe strongly in open data, and I will collect Dropbox links here.

Chinese Economy
Quartz: "How China’s poorest regions are going to save its growth rate". Data.

Quartz: "High-speed rail is at the foundation of China’s growth strategy". Data.

Code for the Shiny Application

Debt and Growth
Quartz with Miles Kimball: "After crunching Reinhart and Rogoff’s data, we’ve concluded that high debt does not slow growth". Data.

Blog posts with Miles Kimball: "Instrumental Tools for Debt and Growth", "For Sussing Out Whether Debt Affects Future Growth, the Key is Carefully Taking into Account Past Growth". Data.

I sometimes mess up some of the above data links. If any of them fail, you can consult my overall public dropbox link that has all the projects.


  1. I followed this China Map here (, it was not rendering map, can you tell me what plug-in it requires to work on IE?